iTransfers SaaS was designed to meet the needs of transportation companies who want to be closer to travel agents, tour operators, corporate clients and broker companies. Transportation players now have a unique opportunity to track the quality of services provided, reduce costs, as well as increase profits with no additional investment.

iTransfers Meta Search is designed to create a single information space for companies who work with a large number of carriers around the world. It gives a unique opportunity to have your ideal carriers in a single iTransfers account or to use API tools to organize work using your booking system. Connect to iTransfers Meta Search now and use the service for free until September 1, 2018.

Why transportation companies choose iTransfers?

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How it works

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iTransfers Meta Search for agents

The team of carriers you select in a single information space:

  1. Free connection до 1 января 2020 канала размещения заявок на трансферы через основные трансферные компании, on-demand сервисы и прямых перевозчиков
  2. Unified communication format with transportation companies: vouchers/ status on Dashboard / fine warnings
  3. Consolidated reporting according to your requirements
  4. Minimization of the offline booking flow by means of integration with your system
  5. Manager's mobile application as an emergency communication channel with your transportation partner

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